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View pictures and videos from past Technology Learning Conferences

 Wiki Construction as a
Learning Exercise ~ Professor Uzman
Pearson MyLabs for Instruction ~ Whitney Morgan
 Quality Matters: Benefits
for Online Course Design ~ Christie Smith
 Stats Online ~ Emily Berthelot & Erin Hodges
 Academic Frontiers & Practical
Research in Mobile Learning ~ Greg Orr
 The Real Intersection of Learning
Technology and Student Succes ~ Jon Pratt
 MS -Excel Spreadsheet
Template with Graphical
Capability ~ Jorge Tito
 Keys to Online Learning ~ Kateri Drexler
 Why Copyrights are Important ~
Kelly Ice
 Building Bridges Textbooks &
Digital Delivery ~ Marc Eckhart
 Pearson Education: MyLabsPlus ~
Jennifer Marwah
 A  CAFE of Considerations for Hybrids and Others ~ Nancy Leveille
 Copyright and Multimedia in Online
Courses:  Worry-Free Library Resources ~ Pat Ensor
 Programming in an Online Environment ~ Ruth Robbins
 Online Cheating and Test Integrity ~
Scott Johson
Exploring the Emergence of Online Teaching
in a Face to Face World ~ Scott Johnson
 Enhancing Learning with Technology:
Tools to Engage the Students of the
21st Century ~ Sue Mahoney
 Show & Share: Faculty Technology Demonstrations 
Development of a Flipped Classroom
Instruction model using the Technology
within Blackboard Learn
Keynote Speaker – Dr. Andy Hines
You Can Do That?! Adding WOW Factor
to Your Blackboard Course
Keynote: Copyright Issues in the Virtual
Classroom-Jennifer Bloom 
Keynote: HISTORIA: Gaming the History of
Civilization-Rick Brennan
Keynote: NASA’s Digital Learning
Network-Patricia Moore & Michael Hare
 Panel Discussion: The Integration of Online
Instruction and Leadership in UHD’s Non-Profit Management Program
 Presentation: Blackboard Expert Challenge